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The obvious benefit of deploying a taylorized business software solution is the ability to ensure that its behaviour and functionality exactly matches the customers needs. Whether it be managing clients, resources and stock, or performing more niche operations, a custom application can ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently and/or that your products delight your clients. ERPwerk has focused its work on assembling software components/modules as building blocks and taylorize them to the needs of the customer. Whenever Open Source components are available they will be used instead of proprietary software. The result is taylorized business software at the same price as standard software.

Your Benefits
  • Clear specification of the problem - and the solution
  • The software can be changed or be extended at anytime
  • Business processes don't need to be adapted to the software, the software is adapted to the business processes
  • open architecture allows easy integration of other systems or applications
  • Known costs - known time scales. You pay only for what you need
  • Exploit specialist, up-to-date knowledge not available in-house
  • No need for additional staffing and associated costs
  • Development can be performed off-site

ERPwerk Job offers
To strengthen our team, we are looking for motivated software developers in the field of Delphi and web development. Do you have interest? Then take a look at our Job offers


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